Landscape Design~  After a brief phone conversation, we set an appointment at your home /office to meet. Then, I can get a feel for your space and listen to more of what you want (and just as importantly, what you don’t want). Then, I will give you a proposal of the landscape design fee and process. If we decide to work together, I come back for a Site Analysis where I will take pictures and measurements needed, meditate in the space. This is where I learn what the space needs in addition. With all of the information gathered, I design the first round of drawings. We meet again to review the plan. With my ‘magic wand’ (red pen), I sketch any changes that you would like. Then, I make the changes and we set another meeting to review. This is usually the Final Plan. I work with you throughout the process to ensure you get what you are looking for with the guidance and experience of a professional at your side. From this point, the plan can be put out for bids from contractors (which I can also help you with), submitted to your HOA or implemented in phases on your own.
Price- per project



Feng Shui ~ After speaking on the phone, we set a time to meet. I will email you a questionnaire for you to fill out by our meeting. (don’t worry, there are only a few questions). we meet and review your goals. Are you looking for a new, healthier relationship? More wealth? Abundance? Are you not being properly recognized at work even though you are going above and beyond? Do you have health issues? I walk your home with you and see what elements are out of balance or blocks are created in those areas of your home and therefore your life. Feng Shui Living RoomWe make some changes and I also create a Feng Shui Action Plan (basically a To-do list based on my recommendations) that I will email to you a few days after our appointment. I will check in with you periodically to see how things are progressing and to see if you have any questions about the recommendations.

Price- $125/hr.





Space Clearing*~ After a brief conversation of why you are thinking you need a space clearing and some fresh, positive energy in your space, I come to your home or office. Perhaps you have recently had a break in? Maybe a break-up or divorce? Someone in your household has been very sick or extremely upset? Those emotions leave a ‘sticky residue’ behind that leaves a place feeling unsettled or stagnant. I bring Tibetan singing bowls, sage, a small candle and a feather. I will do a short meditation after lighting the candle and then begin my process of using the bowls and sage to break free any stagnant energy and the sage to remove any unwanted or negative energy. (called smudging)

*Please understand that there is smoke involved in this process. It can smell a bit like marijuana, and dissipates fairly quickly. If there are any sensitivities, bring them to my attention prior to smudging.

Price- $125/hr.


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