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The colors of Agate

The colors of Agate

AGATE:  balances yin/yang energy; sooths dysfunctional energies; transforms & eliminates negative energy

MOSS AGATE:  helps in the acquisition of riches; agreeability, persuasiveness, strength; improves self-esteem; used by Native Americans as a power stone

AMAZONITE: eliminates aggravation; soothes emotional processes; sooths all chakras; dispels negative energy; general health maintenance

AMBER, BALTIC: allows body to heal itself; transmutes negative energy into positive; enliven disposition; calms nerves; aids in manifestation; symbol for renewal of marriage vows; brings luck to warriors


AMETHYST:  abundance; stimulates throat chakra; calming; prospering business affairs; stability; strength; peace; stone of spirituality; activates crown chakra

AMETRINE: high states of meditation and attunement; disperses negativity; balance of male and female energies; releases mental and emotional blockages

AMMONITE /FOSSIL:  protection; provides stability and structure to ones life; encourages survival instincts, helps one disperse of old programming; communication between present reality and past worlds; helps one reach past lives

AVENTURINE:  creativity; motivation; reinforces decisiveness, leadership qualities; balancing

CARNELIAN:  awakens talents; inspiration; banish sorrow; stabilizes the home; cleanses negativity from other stones; increase physical energy, personal power, creativity, compassion

Citrine beads

CITRINE:  attracts wealth; merchants stone; never needs clearing or cleansing; balance; creativity; intelligence; stimulates root chakra; promotes sunny disposition; stimulates crown chakra

DUMORTIERITE:  helps one to stand up for oneself; stone for patience; provides strength

EMERALD: stone of successful love; domestic bliss; activates heart chakra; harmony

FLUORITE: stone of discernment; height of mental achievement; brings order to chaos; objectivity

GARNET: stone of commitment; devotion; extracts negative energy; balances and stimulates the development and movement of the Kundalini

HEMATITE: stone for the mind; mental attunement, memory enhancement; attracts kind love; grounding; tranquility; clarity

HOWLITE:  eliminates pain and stress; eliminates hesitation; calm communications; facilitate awareness

JADE:  dream stone; stone of fidelity; assists in dream solving; provides confidence; self-assuredness; in Mayan culture known as Sovereign of Harmony; inspires ambition

JASPER: protection; supreme nurturer; holds solar energy; grounding; aligns chakras; balances yin/yang energy



KYANITE:  aligns all chakras automatically; grounding ; does not retain negative energy; calming; facilitates clarity; higher levels of intuition and heart-felt love; produces compassion

LAPIS: stone of total awareness; stimulates throat & brow chakras; helps one remain objective; protection; brings success in relationships; emotional & mental clarity; promotes courage in advancement universal wisdom

LAVA: stimulates root chakra; grounding; protection; focus; balance; brings together energies of fire and earth

MOONSTONE:  creativity; self-expression; good fortune; travelers’ stone; assists one in the total fulfillment of ones destiny; calmness

Pink Peruvian Opal

Pink Peruvian Opal

ONYX: centering and alignment; grounding; banish grief; stimulates power of wise decision-making; recognition of personal strengths

OPAL, PINK PERUVIAN:  stone for renewal; helps one release old patterns; stone of spiritual awakening; assists in meditative states

PEARL:  faith, charity and innocence; enhances personal integrity; provides focus to ones attention; symbolizes purity

Quartz Cluster

Quartz Cluster


QUARTZ:  stone of power; clarity; calming; master healer; restful sleep; stimulates positive thoughts and feelings


RHODONITE: stone of love; balancing; grounding; dispels anxiety; energizes the heart chakra


ROSE QUARTZ: stone of gentle love; brings peacefulness; balancing yin/yang energy; dissolution of stress and tension

Rose Quartz

Rose Quartz

RUBY:   stone of nobility; stimulates heart chakra; protection against psychic attack; encourages one to follow bliss; stability in economic status

SMOKEY QUARTZ:  grounding; gently dissolves negative energies and emotional blockages; clears mental channels; balancing; protection

TIGER EYE:  grounding; balancing; synthesizes energies of the Sun and Earth; clarity; stimulates solar plexus chakra; releases introversion & fear

TOURMALINE: diminishes fear; encourages confidence; attracts inspiration; maintains each chakra; balances the mind

Black Tourmaline

Black Tourmaline

BLACK TOURMALINE: grounding; protection; prevents flightiness; repels negativity; activates grounding between base chakra & center of Earth

TOURQUOISE:  strengthen & aligns all chakras; communication skills; creativity; intuition; grounding; improves meditation; protection; improves mental and spiritual clarity



COPPER:  stimulates initiative, optimism; promotes pursuit of ones true path; opens base and sacral chakras; brings luck

SILVER: brings an air of culture; patience and perseverance; helps regulate emotional and intuitive energies; enhances power of the moon; balancing; steadies influence of the jewels around it







  ANKH:  ancient Egyptian symbol for life; power; strength; ceremonial knot of Isis, Egyptian mother goddess; balance of masculine & feminine energies


Triquetra swirl 2



  TRIQUETRA:  a Celtic trinity symbol, femininity, eternal love; Mother, Maiden, Crone ; Mind, Body, Spirit




Tibetan Swirl


 TIBETAN SWIRL:  potential power, represents stepping into and accepting your spiritual power





Spiral / Swirl


SPIRAL: spirituality; rebirth; the power of intention; stars; galaxy; bridge between us and the ‘star ancestors’ (Anasazi)







 CIRCLE:   life-giving solar orb; moon; flow of spiritual life, the influence of circles is literally stellar, as it is cosmic and celestial. Inclusion; Wholeness; Focus; Unity; Centering








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